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Our company is your most reliable landscaping service in the area. With over 25 years of experience in commercial and residential landscaping we can help you create your dream landscape!  We specialize in a broad range of landscaping techniques and work hand-in-hand with a team of architects and horticulturalists to bring you a well-rounded approach.  We follow the philosophy that each landscape is unique and provide each client with a personalized plan to fit the landscapes’ specific needs.

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Chicago Area Commercial Sprinkler Systems
As the push for urban greenery progresses, commercial sprinkler systems are becoming a necessity for more and more commercial properties in Chicago and surrounding areas. Installing an automated irrigation system is one of the most cost-effective decisions management can make for its company. Environmental concerns are at the forefront in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and our commercial sprinkler systems are designed to contribute to an ecologically stable future.
All you need is the right level of expertise coupled with the highest quality materials and your system will be installed and working perfectly in no time.Elcar Sprinklersoffer both a competitively priced and professional service as well as guarantees on all our work, from parts to installation. Your business can achieve a beautiful look whilst employing the most cost-efficient and environmentally sound sprinkler system in the area.
Historically, the return on investment of a sprinkler system is one to two years.  This is based on the labor to maintain a manual watering method, increased duration of water application due to inefficiency, and the inevitable cost of replacing plants and shrubbery that do not receive a sufficient supply of water.
Here in the Chicago suburbs, with so much green space, it is essential that we keep our areas, be it a workplace or residential property, looking as gloriously green as we have come to expect. We guarantee that from parts to labor,Elcar Sprinklerswill not disappoint in helping you to make your small part of Chicagoland, a beautiful place to live and work.
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